Migrating Video to Stream - when and how often do updates happen during migration?


We are running the migration in our test tenant to get an idea of the impact during real migration.

In the migration wizard it says: 

Your migration is done

For the next 30 days, any changes you make in Office 365 Video will autosync to Microsoft Stream.


I am trying to make updates to video titles and other things in Video to see these changes appear in Stream. I am currently not sure what to expect of frequency or timing of when this autosync happens. Does anyone know more?

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Hi @Henning Strand,

The documentation for the migration detail is here


Note: At this point, there is also a one-way sync happening from Office Video to Stream, so any changes which you make in Stream such as adding a new channel, uploading new videos or deleting existing videos, modifying permissions etc are automatically synced to Stream on a regular basis

There is no mention of what is regular so I would make a few changes and time these (could be 2, 4, 24 hours). In the meantime, I would consider opening a support case to get clarity on the timings of the one way sync - but would be good to know here based on your experience.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
Thanks, the documentation was already read. What was not known was what I asked and that is still unanswered. I already figured I could do changes and time these, but was hoping that someone knew from experience or design (Microsoft, for example ;) ).

@Henning Strand  - I am at a similar stage in my migration from Office 365 Video to Stream (test tenant only so far).  One difference on my end; I have already flipped the switch to make Stream live and I no longer have access to Office 365 Video.  My content seems to have migrated fine, but I built a link to an Office 365 video into a SharePoint page and after migration the link takes me to the Stream homepage, but not the specific video.


Wondering if you have any experience with links or embeds and how they work (or don't work) after migration.


Sorry I can't offer any insight into your question about syncing.  Our change volume is very low and I didn't really consider since the migrated content would only be accessed by a very few people during the time when both Office 365 Video and Stream are running in parallel

@George Cabe - thanks for the insights. We have set up a number of test cases that we'll go through very soon, some covering the embeds and links. I'll be sure to update you on our findings.

A couple of extra findings during testing:

  1. The updates from Video to Stream happen quite often. I have updated titles and descriptions of videos, added new videos, created new channels, ++.
  2. Most things seem to work in general, except for one thing that I still haven't figured out: after the sync has picked up the changes, the changed videos move from published to draft state in Stream, and I simply cannot find out how to publish them! This effectively means that the videos that were visible after the initial migration get put in draft mode, unavailable to all other than the video owner, and since Stream is read only until validation period is over we seem to be stuck.
    1. The only place to find these videos in Stream is under My content -> Videos - but only for the owner. There is a Publish button, but it cannot be clicked.