Migrate videos from sharepoint document library to MS Stream

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We have many videos on sharepoint document libraries, and we want to move them to be inside MS Stream? so is there a way to migrate the videos from sharepoint to MS Stream ? without having to download them from sharepoint and then re-upload them inside MS Stream?

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@john john this is a really good question, especially as video files are big.  How about a really good answer Microsoft?

@john john yes.. good question .. interested in the answer .. thanks!

@john johnGiven the changes to Microsoft Stream currently in progress and the transition to the new app where all sharing will be done from OneDrive/SharePoint, this question won't really apply anymore and it might make for sense for your organisation to look at moving that way already.  Separate storage in Microsoft Stream is no longer going to exist, so uploading them there would only be a temporary solution. It would be better to build a SharePoint page and add the videos there, similar to how you may have created Channels in Stream. For more information on the changes to Microsoft Stream

Thanks @millerblair for pointing out a solution .. There is still some complications: I used to link to the stream channel where I put my recordings.. and it looks I cannot put on the tabs of a channel a specific page of sharepoint .. only few entry points and then students have to navigate into the Recordings for the channel. Thanks anyway ..

@Vittorio_ScaranoYou should be able to do what you desire. It is possible to add a SharePoint page as a tab in a Teams Channel. When you click on the '+' sign to add a tab, SharePoint pages is an option. Once you select, SharePoint pages, you will have a choice of pages from the site associated with that Team, but you can "link to a page from any SharePoint site", which is at the top of the options box :


You cannot use the Website type tab to embed a SharePoint page.

Also, you can combine the two by embedding the Stream Channel with existing videos in the SharePoint page and also include new videos stored in SharePoint on the same page.