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I have been working with a dozen different clients and with all of them as we roll out Video Collaboration, Teams, and Stream we hit the same challenge.  Video Content Management.  Where the tool is significantly lacking is in three key functional areas:


Admin View of all Videos created

Video Retention Policies

Video Editing


Admin View of all videos created:

For anyone who has gone in and looked at the all videos created can attest this dashboard is absolutely useless.  This needs to have the same management level as Teams, and SharePoint.  We need to be able to sort, organize, search, filter.  We also need the ability to do bulk delete, and modify of titles and metadata.


Video Retention:

Having all videos live forever is not tenable, the storage issues fastly grow, the ability find thru search becomes useless, and the fact the video naming conventions align with random meeting names makes the fact that I am going to have thousands of these videos forever is not something that can stay.

The ability to set a 180 or 365 retention, even apply standard Retention Policies to Stream videos should be a priority.  This has been a Top 10 feature request since it was announced at Ignite.



Video Editing:

Many of my clients have found they have to download the video, drop it into there favorite editing software such as Adobe or Camtasia clean it up, then upload it again and rebuild all the settings, captions, and transcriptions.  Not a big issue for 1 or two, but do this for a dozen videos a day and this becomes a huge pain point.  The tools need integrations into other Video editing softwares.



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@Digital_MacGyver Other Top 10 features must be to let users upload videos via mobile to required channel.

Hi, @Digital_MacGyver 

until MS implements their Stream Roadmap:


We came across many of the same problems in your post. We can "sort, organize, search, filter." the Stream video content. But, it takes some work and effort. I just updated another post with these same issues. We (the techcommunity) now have PowerShell code that can be used to pull all of the videos in Stream with all of the fields and metadata. 


We are a global company and with the 2020 lock-down our Stream data has exploded. Just this last weekend I was able to pull a complete list of all our videos with the metadata necessary to start deleting and cleaning up our Stream service. 


We still have no way to bulk delete videos. We have a ticket with MS looking at this problem. Otherwise, I will need to delete 5000+ videos one-by-one.

Good times ahead... :facepalm:


Jonathan Ogden