Microsoft Stream in Teams: Create group not available in menu bar

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Dear all,

until now in our M365 tenant it was possible for our staff members to create new groups in Microsoft Stream. Now users who were able to do this before, do not see Create -> Group in the menu bar any more. As tenant admin I still can see Create -> Group. What has changed? What are the necessary permissions for users  to be able to do this?


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Did you disable the ability for end-users to create M365 Groups? If so, that would explain the behavior.

But if they can create M365 Groups via Outlook/SharePoint/Teams/Yammer, then I don't know. Contact support, maybe?
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Found the solution: Azure AD Admin Center -> Azure Active Directory -> Groups -> General -> Microsoft 365 Groups -> Users can create Microsoft 356 groups in Azure portals, API or PowerShell: Yes. Buttonw as set to No, but do not ask me why, I did not change this setting and for about 1,5-2 years, the users were able to do so and since a few week they were not. After changing to yes, everything works.