Microsoft Stream ERROR 500

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Does anyone know why we get this error when trying to connect to the Microsoft Stream page ?


The M365 Support can't solve my problem.

1 Month waiting

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@Carlos_Wagner I've never had this error. An http 500 error means: yes, it is a server-side error. You can only properly log out of Office 365 once, delete the browser cache and cookies and so on and then try again with a login. Maybe try it with an incognito browser session. And try to use another browser.
Depending on how technically proficient you are, you can also look through the results in the browser's development tools.
These are not direct solutions, just suggestions to try out.

Hello @Tomislav Karafilov 


I did

  • Another user 
  • Another browser (Edge, Chrome and Firefox) with anonimous windows .
  • Another computer

@Carlos_Wagner  Hmmm, it seams it is than a tenant problem. I hope the support can help you. I have no other idea.

@Tomislav Karafilov 


The error is gone.

But support do not say what they did

@Carlos_Wagner  Wonderful! :cool:

@Carlos_Wagner How you contacted the tech support?


@Amul_Singla Using Support link on my M365 admin page