Microsoft Stream Attendee Report uses UTC Event Date/Timestamp

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Microsoft Stream provides an Attendee Report, the timestamp however is a UTC Event Date/Timestamp which does not correspond correctly with the actual time of the event (EST).  Does anyone know of a formula for that exists for use within the generated Excel document which would provide the correct time information? 

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@VLB_UPMCAFP Thanks for your question! Although this is not Microsoft Stream related, there is a "NOW" function in Excel that should work for you to convert time zones. Since the time zone offset is five hours, you can try this function and see if it works for you. Note the denominator can be changed to tweak the hour offset.




When you shared to use the formula =NOW()+5/24, was this within the same cell with the information or a separate cell?  I'm wondering if it isn't working because there is not only the time, but a date timestamp.