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I am new to this, so sorry if this is a silly question. 


For our MFL department. Is it possible to upload a video to stream that is in English say, and have the subtitles in French? Or vice versa?



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@MissOCIt is possible, but Stream can only generate a transcript and can not translate it.


You upload a video that is in English. Microsoft Stream can generate the transcript for you. Than you download the transcript, translate it to French and upload it as French subtitle.


And here is a solution example to automatically generate video sub-title in another language I saw some days ago:

@Tomislav Karafilov Ah ok, thank you. And what program do you use to open the .vtt file so that it can be translated?

@MissOC  It is a simple text based file. Just use a text editor of your choice and just edit the "text", not the control information. There may be a separate tool for this. I can't recommend any of them because I don't use them myself.

@Tomislav Karafilov A text editor like Word or Notepad? The text is split up into timed sections which is a pain (see below). I was hoping to be able to paste the text into a translator, but couldn't with the timestamps everywhere.   Is there no other more practical solution. Thanks so much for your help by the way. 


NOTE duration:"00:05:19"

NOTE language:en-us

NOTE Confidence: 0.89572644

00:00:00.120 --> 00:00:04.454
Hey everybody, this is a video
about Microsoft Stream which is

NOTE Confidence: 0.89572644

00:00:04.454 --> 00:00:09.182
a little bit like sort of like
YouTube, but like an internal

NOTE Confidence: 0.89572644

00:00:09.182 --> 00:00:14.304
one for the kind of a or for the
whole Education Department. So

@MissOC  Yes, I mean Notepad. Maybe there are tools that can help translating vtts. I see some when searching the Internet. But I cann't recommend one. The problem in the vtt file is that the sentences are interrupted by the timestamps.

I have written a PowerShell script to extract the plain text from a vtt file:

This text can be translated, but you have to put it back manually into the vtt file to preserve the timestamps. Or you copy the vtt file and upload it as caption, translate the plain text, edit the caption in the Stream Editor having the translated plain text, download this, restore the original vtt as caption and upload the translated vtt in the new language. And yes, it's a lot to do :smile:.

@Tomislav Karafilov Hello, you are right, that's sounds like too much. It was to be used by a Languages teaching department and sounds like more hassle than its worth. I'll send a plea to the developers! Thanks so much for your help :clapping_hands:

@MissOC @Tomislav Karafilov I use this tool: for translating my VTT files. It translates them with Google translate and keeps the original formatting. I then go through the files via wordpad and correct the typical language errors Google makes, but it makes the process far easier and faster.  

you can try this one it is multi subtitles translator at or @MissOC 

@Tomislav Karafilov 

Hello, I tried to add subtitles in a second language to one of my videos, but the subtitles in the second language are just not shown.

I downloaded the original .vtt-file (it was in german) and translated it (to englisch) and afterwards added it as it is shown on the microsoft help website.

Now I change the settings in the video player to the english subtitles, but they just won't appear.


As I am pretty sure, I did nothing wrong with the upload, so I guess there is a problem with the .vtt-file?




@Tomislav Karafilov nice find on the GitHub project! Appreciate your response here.

Hi @it1992 ! I downloaded an automatic generated caption file, changed some text and reuploaded it as an english subtitle. An "Apply" for this change in Microsoft Stream was not necessary. In the video player I had to turn on "Captions / Subtitles" and could see the subtitle. Try this. If this works for you, than your edited vtt file maybe is buggy.