Microsoft Steam in [Conditional access] of Intune.


Hi Microsoft Stream!

I found one problem about Microsoft Steam in [Conditional access] setting of Microsoft Intune.

My policy setting is blew.

 Image 2.png

[Users and groups]



[Cloud apps]

  • Include

All cloud apps

  • Exclude

Microsoft Stream Service



[Device platforms]


Check the iOS only.


[Client apps]

[Select client apps]

Check the Brower only.


The rest settings are all by default.

Target: I donot want my users access all Office 365 services except Microsoft Stream.


But after I enable the policy I found that although I exempted [Microsoft Stream Service]  in [Cloud apps] but my users in Group A are still cannot access the stream portal.


I want to know why? I think "Microsoft Stream Portal"  is blocked by ·Include: All cloud apps,but in Exclude there is no  "Microsoft Stream Portal" option I can select…I can find Microsoft Stream Service option only.


Isn't Microsoft Stream Portal contained in Microsoft Stream Service?

As above policy setting how can I let my user access Microsoft Stream?




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