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Our company is looking for a tool to hold live events and currently with an existing one but too costly for every event and since we are already using Office365 for a year, therefore Teams and Streams can be a medium for holding the events but there are some uncertainty on where to go, would like to have an answer for some questions;


1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using Teams for Live Events?

2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using Stream for Live Events?

3. We all have 155k of users with Teams and Stream licenses therefore if we wanted an event that everyone can attend, will it be possible? since there were write ups that there's a limitation of 10k while our existing tool can hold up to 300k or more.

4. Is eCDN partner a must for each event or there could be an alternative?

5. What is the best encoder for Stream?

6. What are the combination of tools to utilize during live events to have following attributes;

              a) Question and Answer live on the screen

              b) Speech translation, example Spanish speaker and the translation is English

              c) Captions everywhere

              d) Speaker name identification

              e) voting option

              f) likes/dislike facility

              g) background modification / removal

7. Analytics Report - is it from eCDN partner or there is a native report from Teams and Stream


Thank you! any answer will help us determine on which path to proceed.


Best regards,

Thess Marcelo


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Hi @ThessMarcelo68 ,

interesting questions where I do not have an answer for everyone. I start like this:


1. and 2.: A good reading point for you is this docs page:

The advantage of using Teams as Live Event host is the "Teams client as video producer". You have multiple producers you can switch between and the interface is more like a video production (the Stream Live Event Interface is easyier and sufficiant, when only one is presenting). More infos about the Teams client as video producer here:


3.: Yes, up to 10.000 is currently the limit of avtive concurrent users ( Maybe this is in special cases by Microsoft enlargeable? I do not know.


4.: eCDN partner are optional and not required. But they increase the quality of delivering the video. 


5.: I use OBS and I heard and saw Switcher Studio and Wirecast S. Did not test the others.


6.: a) Producing with Teams you have an Q&A panel (

b) ...

c) See last two point in:

d) ...

e) ... (with Microsoft Forms following the event)

f) Not during Live Event. When the Live Event is stored, you can like the video.

g) Depends on the encoder delivering the video. With OBS you can use Green Screen (and others).


7.) Without eCDN partner no statistics.


That is my current knowledge. I hope it helps you, Thess!


cc @Marc Mroz