massive import local storage and caching

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hi all :)


a few questions I would like answers for (have some evidences but I want to make it as clear as possible)

-Videos uploaded to MS Stream are stored within the Stream Service wich is an Azure based service, can we mount a on premises storage (sharepoint based maybe?) to this Azure service (on top of a vpn access if possible), otherwise how can we make sure that there is no security issues (brought up by uploading videos outside the company)  
-Can we deploy Microsoft Stream on premises (eventually without the all office365 package) or in a local cloud infra ?
-Can we push folders including an xml (or any other format) metadata file to make a massive ftp/sftp import of videos to Microsoft stream into a zip file so we can set up a complete automated process to upload videos 
-Does Microsoft offer a (non free) support for video import from a third part video platform
-As far as I know cache/third part CDN is not supported but I also know that Microsoft  Stream can host medias in several points of the Heath, can I ask MS Stream to replicate and host my medias in several Microsoft Stream access point around the world and redirect media requesters according to the country/area they find themselves? 
Thank you n advance for your replies :)
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My 2 cents here:
1) You cannot configure Stream to store the videos on a differente place.
2) No, you cannot deploy Stream OnPemises. It's a cloud service
3) No, there is not a way of making a massive video upload in the way you describe. You can upload several videos, but using the Stream UI.
4) No, Microsoft does not provide an import service to import videos from other video platforms.
5) No, you cannot ask MS Stream to replicate and host your medias in several Microsoft Stream access points


any suggestion to address the request 

i.e. solution to facilitate massive upload ?