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I started two user data reports and days later they are still in the status of 'Exporting...' Should it really take days for a report to be created? And to where is the data being exported? I wasn't asked for a filename or anything...

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@RCloud85 I also am having this issue. Did yours ever end up exporting?

Ashley, I completely forgot about this and since it's been over 30 days... if it ever did create a report... it's gone now. I'll try again and create a reminder for myself...
@ashleylords When I tried to create a new report is did work fairly quick. So, what happened last month... IDK. But is appears to be working now.
Did that user not have much content? I didn't have issues running users that had 150 videos, but when I ran it for a higher up (who possibly has 1000's of videos) Ive gotten zero progress in two days.
No the user as of today only has 24 videos, so I don't think that was it. For me, it "might" have been the 'first-time' ever run issue... Or, just some weird Microsoft issue. It sounds like you've run these reports before with no issues, so the 'first-time' issue shouldn't apply for you. This is still an IDK issue. Maybe MicroSoft could look into it for you. I dislike these kinds of issues where I can't figure it out myself (that me). Good luck.