Live events via Stream license requirements

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All our users have A1 (EDU) licenses.


According to A3 license is required to enable Live events in Stream. We've assigned A3 to a few of our users but had to leave out some serviceplans to avoid conflicts with their A1 license: "SHAREPOINTENTERPRISE_EDU""EXCHANGE_S_ENTERPRISE""SHAREPOINTWAC_EDU"


Are these serviceplans necessary to enable Live Events in Stream? The menu item isn't visible.






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Hi @Bart Vermeersch

A3 needs to be assigned only to users who create live events, whereas A1 is fine for users who need to view live events, therefore A3 in general only needs to be assigned to a small proportion involved in organising and producing the event.

See here to setup a Live Event

However, you need to check that Live Events aren't restricted to certain users in Stream by the Stream Stream Admin, see here

Hope that helps to get you started, and answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  thank you, the organizers were given A3 but the menu item in Stream to create a live event is still not visible after 8 hrs?


And there are no restrictions set for live events in the Stream admin center.  

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Hi @Bart Vermeersch

I would wait 24 hours, and if still an issue, would raise a ticket. Can they create them via Teams (I.e. going to calendar > create new live event?)

Best, Chris

Thank you @Christopher Hoard I'll have a look tomorrow!


We are still working on the teams-calendar integration for our hybrid Exchange setup, that's why we are looking into Streams as a entry point. But we discovered today that the functionality will be different, unfortunately.


Is there any another way of scheduling a live event without having the calendar teams integration ready?

Yes @Christopher Hoard it took some time but it's available now, thanks!


Is there an url or (graph) API we could use to schedule Live Events while we plan our migration from Exchange 2013 to 2019 (to enable Teams Calendar integration)? 

Hmm, doesn't look like it

Can only find an API for standard meetings

I've looked through that site - can't find anything with Live Events. You definitely can't with Stream as that hasn't got API's out until the end of the year and I am just going to guess they aren't supported with the Yammer API which hasn't been updated in...let's say some time :D

Best, Chris