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Hi there.


I wanted to create a live streaming for our clients. But I don't have this option in main menu.



- Send a video

- Group

- Channel


Do I need to turn it on somewhere?


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There is a setting in the new teams and Skype admin center. Not sure if it effects stream but worth a shot.

Has your Stream admin given you access to create live events?  I would start there before talking to IT about behind the scenes powershell commands that may need to be run before you can start broadcasting.

Hi @Maciej Kukułka


You cannot live stream from Microsoft Stream at this time (see the answer here


If configured correctly, you can set up one from Microsoft Teams via Meetings > Schedule a meeting, drop down the New meeting menu (top left) and choose New live event (preview).




If you don't have access to Teams, then I suspect you are out of luck for now! Same applies if you try to set up a Live stream from Yammer as it requires you to have access to Yammer, Teams and Stream to make it work.


Hope that answers the question!




Not true my friend, You can click Create > Live Event from within Stream and totally do a live stream. It just requires an encoder software such as OBS etc. Teams you can do it with the Teams client. But I totally have done it from Stream. 

PS. Found the setting you can enable for Stream in the Stream Admin settings for live events: stream.jpg

Hey buddy


Nice find, so the preview is available.


That may explain why the Microsoft Streams website information says it doesn't do Live streaming probably as the function is still in preview (would be nice if they say that on the site).


Hopefully @Maciej Kukułka has access to the preview too!




They just haven't updated their document yet, that is old QA :). But they probably won't update it until GA I guess.

and causing a bit of confusion in the meantime!

you can also enable this via powershell for O365 :)


Grant-CsTeamsMeetingBroadcastPolicy -Identity <type full user name here> -PolicyName $null -Verbose


I am the admin at my company. I have enabled live events as you show. Still no "Create Live Event" option. Any other ideas as to how I can get this turned on?

You have to give it time, maybe even over a day. In the meantime you can try web client of Teams, and or sign out and in to force it a bit faster, but it doesn't turn on right away like everything else in Teams it takes way too long to update backend changes.