Licensing for Face detection / Transcripts

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Unable to figure out why two users who just have a E3 license can see faces and the transcript for a video in Stream while other E3 users cannot.  Can anyone shed light on what controls this?

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we don't seem to have the ability to see face dection or transcripts which licnec is it E3 you need to be able to have that switched on>

My understanding is these are E5 features only. Which is the great mystery to me as both users only have E3.

Hi Ryan: Its probably because they have signed up for the "trial" license which gives them Plan 2 capabilities. As an admin, you can navigate to O365 Admin Center and check the licenses for the particular user in question. My guess is that you will see "Microsoft Stream" and "Stream for O365 (in Office 365 E3)" licenses for this user. "Microsoft Stream" is the trial plan. You can disable that and then the user will only get the capabilities which Stream E3 enables. Once you disable it, it might take an hour for the changes to reflect, because of the cache refresh policy.

Let me know what you see and if this helps, otherwise we can investigate the user and figure out the details for you.

Do you mind if I ask what licence do you need to have to be able to see Face detection and transcription enabled? Thanks now
Stream Plan 2 or E5 license.