Issue with Stream Licencing on Business Premium plan

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We are using Office 365 Business Premium and a couple of months ago we found out that Microsoft Stream will be available on our plan. However prior to this we trialled Stream and now we cannot access it because the trial has expired. 


When I look at our licences I cannot see Stream listed under our Office 365 Business Premium licences. I can only see the trial version. See attached screenshot


I raised a case with Microsoft and was told that each month I could reach out to Microsoft and renew the trial, however surely there must be a better way. I was just wondering if anyone else using Business Premium has access. 


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It looks like it has not been rolled out to your tennant as a normal license. You could create a service request to let them check but check this link as well


best response confirmed by Marc Mroz (Microsoft)

@Gareth Hunt - Can you open another case with Microsoft support. We have enabled Stream for O365 Business Premium already. You should have access and see the Stream license in your tenant. Seems like there is some issue there for you. Have support escalate the issue, as far as I know it seems like you should have access to Stream licenses as part of your Business Premium.


See this blog post under the section "MICROSOFT STREAM MOVES INTO SMB"


And we sent out this Message Center Post saying the same thing: MC147113


@Ashish Chawla @Christina Torok - FYI




@Gareth Hunt - We doubled checked with a few teams and we aren't aware of any known issues with Stream and SMB plans. You should have access to it. Please raise another support ticket, you should have access, but it seems there is some issue there where your users didn't get backfilled when we enabled it. 

@Marc Mroz 

Hi Marc thanks for looking into this I will raise another support case with Microsoft today

@Marc Mroz


Hi Marc,


After my support case bouncing around to 8 different people in Microsoft, I have been advised that we are on the incorrect Business Premium plan and because we have purchased through a reseller I need to organise a refund and purchase new licences which have the correct code.


Not sure if anyone has come across anything like this

Oh weird! Can you tell me what specific license they said you had?

We have been told that because we are on a prepaid Offce 365 Business Premium plan through a reseller and the only way to get access to Stream is to purchase the plan directly. 


Last response from my support case:

Per checking, Office 365 Business Premium is purchased from your prepaid reseller. And please kindly noted that the service of Microsoft Stream is not available for prepaid subscription of Business Premium, so that is the reason why you can not access. If you do need the service, you are suggested to buy Business Premium directly