Is there a way to associate videos with a person?


I am trying to make our team videos easier to find when searching on Stream and I am wondering if there is a way to associate videos with a person.  For example, you can search for people on Stream.  I was hoping that when I went to Stream and searched for a specific person, when I found that person I would also see a list of the videos associated to that person.    Is this possible, and if so, how do I accomplish this?  

Thanks in advance!


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@v-heihor - We only have this for those that upload a video. If a person uploads a video you can go to "Discover" > "People" > Search for a person. From here you'll see all the videos that you have access to see, that this specific person has uploaded. 


We don't have a feature to allow you to add other users as "related to the video" in Stream, sorry.

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