Is it possible to make O365 group owners become the owners of videos in the group automatically?

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Hi, is there a way to make the owners of an O365 group become the owners of all the videos in the group easily? For example, I create an O365 group called 'Classic music' and make John and Jane the owners. I add Chris as a member as well. John uploads 50 videos and he automatically becomes the owners of these videos as he is the one uploading the videos. John, Jane and Chris can all watch the videos online. Then one day Jane says, she wants to be able to download everything in the group. For her to be able to download videos, she needs to to have the owner permission on each video? Being the owner of the 365 group doesn't seem to give her the owner permission for the videos automatically. Is there a way to assign the video owner permission in one go?

Many thanks in advance 

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