Is any development happening?


Just wondering what the things coming up in stream are.  Microsofts contribution and updates on the ideas space is poor and patchy and the last series of updates only seemed to happen after it was pointed out on the AMA that some of the things you suggested be added as ideas, already were, but no one from MS had ever bothered to comment on the idea, including some very popular ones.  Then all you did was add a status of "under review".  Well according to the status, 2 ideas a "planned" but nothing is actually started.  Can we look at improving comms please, get this moved to uservoice

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Fair feedback, thank you.


I just went to the Stream ideas board, and for some reason I can't change the status of ideas. I'm checking with the MS Tech Community team to see how to get it fixed for me so I can do a clean-up and better communicate what's being worked and what we completed via the ideas forum.


However, in the mean time,  here are a few top of mind things we are working on and/or have released reccently. (This is not inclusive of everything we are working on)… 

- Live events across Stream/Yammer/Teams (In Public Preview)

We launched this to Public Preview 8/1, and are still working on it for all the final things needing to be done before we remove the (Preview) tag and call it "generally available".

More info...


- SDN / eCDN support for Stream from 3rd party partners (Released)

We enabled 3rd party eCDN solutions for video delivery optimizations for live and on-demand videos in Stream via Hive Streaming, Kollective, and Ramp. More info:


- Stream mobile app for iOS and Android (coming soon) 

We posted a survey a while back asking for those that want to beta test it before it's released later this year.


- O365 Video to Stream migration (still in progress)

Some of the above work has consumed more of our team than we thought, in addition the migration code has taken longer than we anticipated. We have migrated a handful of customers in production at this point, but we are in a find and fix cycle, addressing any issues that come up new for each customer we run the migration for. 


- Branding via O365 suite bar (Released)

We onboarded Stream to the O365 suite bar, so now Stream has the normal O365 app launcher and bar at the top. If you change your organization theming for O365 it will apply to Stream as well.  More info:


- Small improvements to channel webpart for SharePoint Online and Teams (Released)

We updated the Stream channel embed used in the webpart for SharePoint Online and in a tab for Teams. It now looks better on smaller widths (like a 1/3 column in SP page), it has a transparent background (so SP page theme comes through), and it removed the scroll bar and uses next/previous buttons (so you don't get scroll bar within scroll bar in SP page).


- Teams meeting recordings automatically uploaded to Stream (In public preview)

If you use Teams now you can cloud record the meeting and it will push it to Stream automatically and permission it to the attendees of the meeting. More info:


- Audit log of changes happening in Microsoft Stream (Released)

We are now sending changes, deletes, creations, view of video events from Stream to the O365 Audit log. There is a whole section in the audit log search tool for Stream events. More info:

Thanks for a swift response Marc and a nice list, personally still sad to see no mention a playlists, it is such a core feature. Try adding more than 10 videos to a channel and then see how easy it is to work with content, then multiple this problem for our company of 170,000 O365 users :(