IE11 + Stream - This page can't be displayed

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Hi Everyone,


We are experiencing an intermittent issue whereby when users attempting to directly access urls such as and direct video links through internet explorer receive a "This page can't be displayed message", this does seem to affect users using Google Chrome or Firefox.


More interestingly where the same users attempt to access Microsoft Stream by click on a video link through our Sharepoint Online portal, Microsoft Stream loads just fine. This seems to be an issue both inside and outside of our corporate network.


Anyone have any ideas? 

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Sorry you are running into problems. I haven't heard of this issue coming up yet. You could open up an official support ticket to involve the suppor team for official tracking. And/or in parallel we could try and do some looking at it here.


What version of IE? What Windows version?


You said in IE its intermitant. If the user refershes the link a few times in a row do they eventually hit the problem? Can you easily reproduce the problem in IE with any user?


Would you be able to get a fiddler trace (with HTTPS traffic decrypted) or F12 network trace of a user that runs into this problem?


You mentioned it works fine when clicking in from SPO. Is the link the same when access it directly vs clicking on it in SharePoint Online portal? Or are the URLs slightly different in each of these cases?

@Yakov Terterian, the website access to Microsoft Stream is actually not - can you please check the URLs that are shared with people and let us know if you are still seeing the issues?