IE 11 on Windows 7 using HTML5

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Is there any plans on enabling HTML5 support for IE11 on Windows 7? We have a lot of Windows 7 workstations that use IE11, and there is no way I am going to install Flash on all of them. We went through the Flash purge awhile back due to security risks.  Stream is not a viable product for us if half of our workstations are not able to use it.



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AFAIK, Team Player is not built using Flash and don't have any dependency on Flash

Yes, IE 11 on Windows 7 requires Flash:


Browser OS
Edge Windows 10
IE 11 Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7 (Requires Flash 11.4+)
Chrome (latest) Windows 10
Android (latest)
Mac OS (latest)
Safari (latest) Mac OS (latest)
iOS (latest)

Exact same problem here. Flash has been uninstalled from all workstations where I work and it's super annoying to see that Microsoft Stream requires flash in IE 11 on Windows 7. Why? YouTube works without flash.

@Anthony Monda @Erik Krane Langhaug - I checked in with the folks on our team who are the experts in this area (@Amit Rajput and @Saili Raje).


In Stream when you play a video we always do adaptive bitrate streaming so the user doesn't have to download the entire video (only the parts they play) and so we can adjust the quality/size of the video depending on the user's available bandwidth. In addition our videos in Stream are always secured with AES-128 bit encryption. We use encryptiong to ensure that as we deliver videos over the internet, caching devices, and CDNs, only users who are authorized in Stream for a specific video will be able to get the key to decrypt it. As such to do the above in HTML browsers without Flash/Silverlight we rely on a feature of browsers  called MSE. MSE was never back ported to Windows 7 + IE 11, it was only pushed back to Win 8.1+. Thus the only way we can accomplish both adaptive bit rate streaming and our encryption on IE11 + Win 7 is with the use of Flash.


We are guessing that YouTube is able to play back VOD in this environment because they maybe don't encrypt their streams? It's our understanding that for VOD in order to feed in the video tag to do pure HTML playback without MSE, (since you have no control of it) you can only pass in unencrypted chunks.

Thank you for the detailed explanation, much appreciated!

Not sure it is related, but Stream are not showing up in SharePoint  classic and modern page (either embed code or Stream web part) when I use IE11 (Windows 8.1) but does work with Chrome.


Edit: I found out that I just needed to put in IE trusted sites.