I want to upgrade microsoft stream to create live events

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I have Office 365 Escencials from 6 years ago.

I want to use STREAM to publish live events.


Is it possible?


How much is the upgrade?


I don't want to upgrade o mix to E1 office 365 license.

I want only the STREAM service for live events and if it is possible, for guests.










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Hi, going on the documentation, the live events feature in Microsoft Stream requires an encoder, which is extra and not included.  The simplest option is using Microsoft Teams:


“Plug in your laptop and go...

Produce the live event using Teams, a lightweight option to create the event and invite presenters and panelists to participate on their own devices“


These options are compared here.  


The licensing and requirements is covered here - Get started with Microsoft Teams live events.  Who can watch live events is mentioned here.


Hope some of that helps.