How to share MS Teams call recording with external participants

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We recorded a Teams call where both internal and external participants were present. I received a link to the recording, but I am only able to share it with the internal participants. How can I share the video recording with the external participants as well, and ensure it can be viewed only by authorized participants?

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@kanikaatriCurrently not possible, because Stream does not support guests, externals or anonymous sharing. It is on the Roadmap. Heard from others, they download the video and share it over OneDrive or SharePoint.

Having same issue here, and there are no definitive "how to" answers. Very challenging and time consuming to solve this problem!


So, can MS 365 / Teams / or Stream members outside  the org be granted permission? 

@John_Coonen - Microsoft Stream does not support guest or outside the org access to videos. We just announced today at Ignite 2020 the new Microsoft Stream. The new Microsoft Stream is built on SharePoint so you'll have all the full sharing capabilities that you have for any other office file going forward.


See the blog post:


Watch the Ignite 2020 session for Stream:


Or read the help docs for an overview of the new Stream:

Thank you kindly! This is great news.

@Marc Mroz Great to hear. When is this available?

@kanikaatri - For Team meeting recordings moving to OneDrive and SharePoint we'll have a preview of it ready in October that you can "opt-in" to, in November will switch that to "opt-out", and in Q1 2021 we'll make it required that all new teams meeting recordings are saved to OneDrive and SharePoint.