How to remove the private files by Stream Admins ?

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Hi everyone!

I have something issue about removing uploaded .mp4 in Stream.

We have some .mp4s that cannot be removed by admins.

Could you please let me know some advices ? 


 Steps are below:

1. signin MS Stream by end user role account. (Not Admins)

2. upload a .mp4 with disable [Allow everyone in your company to view this video]

3. sign in MS Stream by Stream Admin (or Global Admin) 

4. click [browse]-[Video] and confirm not to show up the .mp4 in step2   


Q1. Is this normal result ? (could anyone repro ?) 

Q2. Is it enable to remove the private files by admins ?

(Especially, how can we manage the files after the owner's account gets removed from tenant ?) 


Thanks in advance. .

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I got the answer that is by design from MS premiere Support.

- Admins can remove the .mp4s if they know the URLs of files (, but they don't know these URLs).

- The filter only shows the .mp4s logged in user permitted, even though that user has Admins permission.