How to invite new co-workers to microsoft stream since the service degradation?

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I have used Stream for months in my company and have invited many coworkers; however, since the service degradation where Stream can no longer send out invites, how can I continue to invite coworkers to view videos on Stream?  If they have the same domain as me, can they just log in from Office 365 and access is from there with their email and password and still view company-wide videos?

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Yes, if they have a stream licence as part of their Office 365 licence then they can simply log on to the web portal at and then select Stream from the launcher. When in Stream if the user goes to discover they should be able to see the videos if the videos are set to allow all users to see them.

They could also see them through using the Stream IOS app. Again, they can see the videos in discover if they have been uploaded and set to allow all users to see them.

Hope this answers your question!

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