How to get video list using powershell?



I'd like to get a list of videos uploaded to Microsoft Stream.

I referred to this document  . I'm testing it by copying and pasting it.

[string]$StreamPortal = "" 
[string]$StreamPortalChannelRoot = ""
[string]$StreamAPIChannels100 = "`$top=100&`$orderby=metrics%2Fvideos%20desc&`$expand=creator,group&api-version=1.3-private&`$skip="



Part of code, These don't seem to work.

The first line code URL works.

The code on the second row didn't work, so I changed it like this. ->

Is this right?

And I think the URL on the third line doesn't work.


- There is no value in this variable. There is also a Microsoft Stream channel.



 Neither seems to work.


There is not much information about this. I'd really appreciate your help.

Tell me if what I think is wrong. Thanks..

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@BoHyun As I posted it here to your other post ( - currently we do not have an official API for Microsoft Stream. I have managed to get the videos with a Power Automate Flow "Send HTTP request" which worked, but is more a hack than supported.

@Tomislav Karafilov 


Thank you for your answer. 

In my case, it would be a little difficult to use Power Automatic Flow.

I just need video list information, not data processing.

I also tried how to get by using microsoft audit logs.. But I failed.

Is there any other way but to wait for API?

Take a peek at this one,

It's wrapped up in a nice way, asking for creds and getting the tokens needed to export a csv with a report. Ill be adding more stuff soon