How to add video to channel

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You can’t move videos yet from the group you can only share it. You’ll have to download and re upload to the channel.
My main issue is: how do I organize recorded meeting videos in a easy to find fashion? Well, Channel appears to be no good. Do I have any other options?

@Chris Webb 

Chris - I just wanted to confirm as I believe I have experienced this as well. Even though I can share an MS Teams recording of a video to a channel in MS Streams, I actually have to download and re-upload the video to be able to have it appear on the MS Stream Channel's list of videos, correct?


If I want to share the video on multiple channels, can I upload it to "My Videos" and then effectively share it from there to the two channels? or will I need to upload it to each channel?




You can’t tag videos so if you have to have them in each channel you have to upload twice.

@Chris WebbIt's not the best way you know.

I also need bulk move videos to a channel. I've more then 80 videos. What do you suggest?

Hi all!


Just to clarify: You always upload a video to Microsoft Stream, not to a channel! Channels are not like directories! When you upload a video via the global upload in the menu bar, the uploader is set as the owner of the video, no other permissions are set and this video only appears in his "My Content / Videos" section. If you upload a video within a channel using the channel upload, the channel is entered in the permissions area of the video additionaly. You can remove that or add more channels or peoples or groups. There is only one video in Microsoft Stream and connections to groups, channels or people are made.


@kadirbasegmezThere is currently no functionality in the web client for bulk operations and without an API this can not be programmed. You have to do the operation manually, by editing the permissions of each video.


And you can upvote this Microsoft Stream Idea, so we get bulk operations made by Microsoft ;-):

@Tomislav Karafilov - so I uploaded a video to through the general upload bar on the home page. I should've uploaded in a specific channel. I went into the permissions of the video to try to add the channel, but cannot find it through the search bar. I am assuming because I am not an owner of the particular channel, I can't upload there. However, the channel is an open channel and I am an admin in stream for our company. Is there any way to get it to the channel I want it to be located in? 

THank you! 


Is your channel a global channel or a group based channel? I have sometimes problems with finding channels. I always have to enter the full channel name. Or you go to the channel, copy the URL and paste this in the search field! If it is a channel of a group you not belong to, turn the admin switch on and try again.

@Tomislav Karafilov - I'll give that a shot. Thank you!

@Sue-Ella I ran into the same issue and solved it by going to the video and selecting on Update Video Details (via the 3 dots) and ensuring "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" is ticked, then adding to the Channel. 


@jamesharbutt Thank you!