How hashtags work on stream ??!

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In my company I’m responsible of uploading training videos and make them easily searchable. Every video has their respective hashtags so people can find them faster but it seems that is not working ! I’ve been searching the videos using the words I applied to the hashtags and I’m not getting the videos I want to see on my results ! Does someone knows how hashtags work on stream ? Cause apparently they don’t work like any other social media platform. Please help !

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I sometimes observe that I have to write out the search words completely, whether with or without hashtag character. Example: MicrosoftTeams finds something, MicrosoftTeam does, but MicrosoftTea no longer. I tried wildcard characters in my search, but they don't work.

Having hashtags in the first words of the description helps for quicker search access, for example if you are displaing a channel in Teams or SharePoint.


@DanyellowgWhat have you tried? What does not work for you?

@Tomislav Karafilov hello !


In every video I have a total of maybe 7 hashtags and for example when I tried #GlobalTraining doesn’t work and then I tried #Global #Training and doesn’t work either but is weird because sometimes with some videos works and then with others doesn’t. Is this make sense ? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. 

@DanyellowgTested only the hashtag #GlobalTraining, with words in front only, with word after only, with word before and after. Works quick and like I expect. I can enter GlobalTraining or #GlobalTraining in the search box. The search is not case sensitive, but I have to but the whole word to get search results. Can you send a screenshot? Here is one from my Stream:


2020-06-19 17_42_56-Microsoft Edge.png

@Tomislav Karafilov Hello !


My hashtags also work when I type the words as a whole but that’s not how the users are going to search for a video. I applied the hashtags that way (#GlobalTraining) because that’s how it works in other social media platforms. So, I tried to put a hashtag for every word and for this example I used #Engineered #Analytical #Training Then, I went back to the search box, typed the words and I got the result of a video with those hashtags but is not the same video of picture #1, that video is not shown on my search results. I’m so confused. 


thank you for your help !!

Hi @Danyellowg ! I see what you mean. Checked character by character, all OK. I tried to reproduce your example in my Stream, but it works as expected.

2020-06-23 09_06_48-Clipboard.png


Sorry, can't help!