How do i create videos in Stream

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I want to create videos before uploading to Stream, Ho can i do it? is there any third party tool avilable which can create videos and even screen capture videos?




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Check out this post, I personally like ScreenToGif which I mentioned in the post, though I don't use it especially for MS Stream:


Screen Capture Tools - What's your favorite?

Tools like TechSmith's Camtasia would be worth checking out also.

Just in the last few months we've added a "Publish to Stream" button in PowerPoint on the "Recording" tab. The "Recording" tab in PowerPoint lets you use slides, screen recordings, web cam, voice, videos and then render it down as a video. You can now with the new button publish it directly into Stream.


More info:


To enable the Recording tab in PowerPoint if it’s not there already…

File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Scroll down on the right list > Check the box next to “Recording”


Using Recording tab

Make whatever slides you want in PowerPoint

Click on “Recording” tab

Here you can

  • “Record Slide Show” which will let you record your voice, inking, and web camera while presenting the slides.
  • “Screen Recording” which will let you record your voice, the whole screen or part of a screen


After you put a screen recording or video into a Slide, you can even trim it via built in PowerPoint tools (Right click on video > Trim)


Publish to Stream (In PowerPoint Build: 1710+)

After you are finished with your PowerPoint and want to upload it to Stream just click the “Publish to Stream” button.

This will bring you to the PowerPoint backstage where you can give your video a title/description and upload it into Stream.

After you click publish. It will take a while for PowerPoint to render out your slides as a full video on your machine and upload it to Stream.

When it’s done PowerPoint will give you a little notice in the corner saying it’s finished and if you click on it, it’ll open your video up in Stream to make any further changes to permissions, etc.


@Marc Mroz, so we create videos outside of the M365 environment create Office-only video (screen recordings) within Stream? There's not video creator, editor, publisher like in Apple's iMovie?