How do I assign an existing channel to an Office 365 group

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A user created a channel in Stream without an O365 group association. How do I associate it with an O365 group?

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You cannot. Best you can do is add the permission of the group to the channel.

Chris is correct. We don't have a way to make a companywide channel into a group channel.

You'd have to make a new channel for the group, move the video via permissions into that group/channel and then delete the original channel. 

@Marc Mroz Just checking if this is still the case. I am trying to add channels to more than one group.


Update: For other people that stumble upon this thread, it is being worked on per the user voice.

@Justin Clerc I believe that user voice is referring to channels in teams and not stream. The stream o365 groups are not well supported. It makes no sense that you can't connect them to Teams for example. You have to create a channel in the group, add videos and then create a tab in teams. And moving channels around in stream also should be a no brainer. Moving and copying items in a content management platform should be a basic feature. Especially when the same artefact exists in two places i.e. channels

@Marc Mroz 

Is there a best practice, tutorial or article on how to reassing content from a user channel to a group/ companywide channel so the conent can be easily managed by the owners of the group?


Since I have uploaded the videos directly into a companywide channel and I am the owner and want this to be owned by the organizational group managing all video content.


As far as I can understand having a companywide channel within a group provides admin rights to the owner of the OG STREAM GROUP which is exactly what we are trying to rearrange.