How delete old Stream Videos in bulk

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Hi There, 

As we start to onboard a client with Microsoft Teams, they are going to leverage meeting recordings which of course powered by Stream. 

The question my clients is wondering, these meetings might only be needed to be kept for a month or so.

How can we do a search for these videos and then delete them to keep the storage down?


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@Mike DumkaThere are no bulk commands in Stream now. You can only discover videos, sort them by publish date, go to videos that are older than a month and delete them one by one manually. For Teams Meetings every user who has startet a meeting has to remove the videos manuelly. It has to be part of the Teams adoption process.

@Tomislav Karafilov Thanks for the reply ... but wow that is a terrible process. I know that users will never do that unless told to. I sure hope that Microsoft has some kind of content life cycle plan coming in the future. 

@Mike Dumka @Tomislav Karafilov  do we have something planned?  What's the bulk delete option? When is a preview available?  This is a high-demand need for Enterprises who rely upon Stream.


@Mike Dumka We had a similar experience here and I agree with you. 

@Mike Dumka Bulk deletion and bulk managing of the video permissions are a must feature must be provisioned for the users to manage theor content. Hope microsoft covers this in next Quarter.

I just thought I would let everyone know that we had a conversation with Microsoft. All storage for Stream will transitioned to SharePoint. A couple of important notes:


  • This will make things much easier for administrators to understand how much of their storage quota is being used
  • Videos will be treated like standard SharePoint content that can easier to search for ... which means it will be easier to prune older videos.

I have no idea what this looks like in the real world, but it is progress :) when we get it!

@Mike Dumka I am so happy to hear this. tyGraph can be used to get all the analytics and reporting. As per Microsoft Roadmap, Q42020 is when they are giving us with Stream analytics and API control.