How are calculated unique viewers on MS Video stream?

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Hello everyone, how are unique video viewers counted via MS Videostream? How long does it take to watch a video in order for a unique view to count?

I’ve noticed that the number of unique views has dropped dramatically over the last month. Video links from MSVideostream are uploaded to the MS Yammer platform and we count how many saw the post and actually watched the video. 

Thank you for your reply.

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I am very curious about this as well and I cannot find anything in the docs about Stream.
I did find this
The number of views recorded for each video is updated every 15-20 minutes. A new view is counted as soon as a video starts to play. This can happen either because of auto-loading or (as in the case of an embedded video) when a user clicks the play button.
So that answers one of the questions :)
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@Steve Hernou - Stream (classic) doesn't have a unique viewer count. However, it does only count a view for a person per day. So if the same person watched the same video 10 times in a day it would only count as 1 view.


BUT.... for Stream (on SharePoint)...

For videos uploaded to SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, or Yammer there is a way to see the unique viewers and total views and much more. 


Find the video in the library > ... > Details > Click the # of views at the top of the details pane > You'll get the file statistics that shows...

  • # of unique viewers
  • # of total views
  • Trend of viewers and views day by day for the last 90 days
  • Viewership retention (which part of the video was viewed or not viewed)