Honest question - what do I use Stream for now if it's all in SPO OD4B?


I am a Teams Admin and SharePoint Admin and OneDrive Admin.  I am I guess a Stream Admin too, yet I don't know what to do with Stream.  People record and it goes into OneDrive or moved to a Site in SharePoint.

Do I only get transcription?  Will that be in the video in OneDrive or SharePoint?

I want to encourage the thousands of users I work with to use Stream, yet it seems that it is so stifled and poorly executed, like no bulk upload or metadata, etc. I wonder what the benefit of using it is?

It is tough to get people to use Microsoft 365 and when to have Stream be limited, it is annoying.

I just think people should put a bunch of video's in SharePoint / OneDrive (which I don't like as if a person leaves, it can be "lost" if people don't catch it in time).

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