Help needed! Participate in Stream user research phone interviews?


The Microsoft Stream team is hosting a series of customer interviews over the next several weeks to understand how you use video at work. We're looking for folks from several professional roles who would like to join designers, developers, and product leaders from our team for a 45 minute interview.


We are specifically looking for people from IT and Corporate Communications within your organizations.  We'd love to hear your voice!


If you're interested in being contacted to participate, please fill out the survey below. You will be able to opt out of being contacted in the future at any time. 


Fill out this form if you are willing to participate in Stream research interviews:


Please send the survey on to others within your organization who would be willing to participate. 

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owned videos not in my videos
please ignore my nonsense reply just a minute ago. i thought i was searching - and can find no way quickly to delete or edit my comment. my apologies for the noise.
looking at this announcement kind of late, but just signed up!

@Marc Mroz - I'd love to give you some input into how I can use stream. I've filled in the form above but I'd love to have the ability to download the transcription file in plain text to gather insights during recorded user research. Its super useful.

Yes, please update the stream process ... if a channel is created without being assigned to a Group that we can go back and assign a group without deleting the old channel and transferring all videos in that channel to the new channel that is under the parented group. This is very stupid that I can't freely change channels to various groups.