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Hi, guys!


Can you please clarify an issue:  Are groups in Stream and mailgroups (or gorups in Teams and Planner) the same or not? I have a lot of groups in Teams, but when I'm trying to upload video in MS Stream these groups are not available to choose for the video card.

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Hi @Svetlana Grosheva - Can you explain a bit more in specific steps what you are trying to do. Can you add  some screenshots of where you expect the group to show up that it isn't in Stream?


The groups that are in Stream today are Office 365 groups. If you make a group in Stream it makes an O365 Group that shows up/can be used in other services and vice versa.


I just did a quick test in production test environment.


I created a Plan in Planner, a Team in Teams, and a Group in Yammer. All of them make Office 365 groups under the covers. All of those groups showed up in Stream for me to use.


I could find the groups I created in other apps in Stream in the following places:

- Browse > Groups

- My content > My groups

- Create > upload a video > Permissions > My groups > search for the groups above