Groups are not synched into Stream

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I am the owner of a 365 group and want to include videos as part of the information presented.


When I am in the Stream site, under My Content, My groups the group does not appear.


There is no visible method of adding a group to this list, as the only option is to 'Create a group' but the group already exists.


Also, I see groups on this list that were deleted and no longer exist.


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@Albert Clawson - It sounds like there is some sort of issue going on with your environment where Stream isn't syncing the list of O365 Groups correctly. A group you created in Teams should show up, and deleted groups shouldn't be there. I'm so sorry you are running into this problem.


Can you open up a support ticket? They'll help you get all info we need to investigate. If support needs more help they can easily escalate up to us in the engineering team for deeper investigation.

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Was your problem resolved?

Else, would you have a status on the support ticket please?


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I had the same issue but it resolved itself after some hours.

My guess is that there's a delay between a group being created in Teams and it being synced to Stream.


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We had same issue until I read somewhere that O365 groups are available in the People drop-down, not the My Groups one!
All our O365 and AD groups are available there
Seems the My Groups selection only relates to Stream groups, and any Teams groups you are a member of already
Downside now is that it seems you can't create a Channel without a Stream group

This feature seems to be fundamentaly flawed.
Even if I create a Teams-Team, the O365-group instantly shows up as a possibility under the "People"!!!!-Dropdown when editing the video-details for individual videos. But it won't show up for days, or ever, under the my groups-list.
Fix this please!