Error Uploading / Playback of Stream Meeting Recording:


After recording a meeting through Teams this morning I am unable to playback my meeting. I have tried playing in both the Teams window and in Stream and am getting errors. In teams the error is "This video is not ready, please try again". No error code is showing and no grey button option to report error. In Stream the error is "Something is wrong with this video". Again no error code or grey buttion option to report error. Only my client session ID. 


Has anyone else expereinced this? 

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@v-nimcc - There was a service degradation today that delayed video upload processing. Please see for details. If you are not seeing expected results at this time or this does not sound like it describes what you were seeing, please DM me. 

@ChrisKnowlton  How often does degradation happen? Our users have experienced session issues at least weekly. We would like to bring this application further into our day-to-day O365 use, but with issues like this, we may choose otherwise.