Error code 0x202001f4 - 'It looks like there is a problem'

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Hi there, 

I'm wondering if anyone can advise on a solution for my Videos no longer available in Microsoft Stream.

I've tried playing in a different browser but that does not fix the problem

Is there any way to retrieve these videos?



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Hi @Toby_Hone, if this issue persists, and if you (or another video owner) hasn't deleted that video, can you please reach out for support as shown....  Go to the video page in Stream where you see that message, click the "?" in the upper right corner, then scroll down to the support section. See the screenshot for an example.

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Thanks Garret,

Thankfully the issue has auto-resolved over the weekend. Stream had crashed on Friday arvo - not sure if it was an internal company issue or MS Stream, but regardless there is no issue today.


Thank you @Toby_Hone for the update and good to hear.  We are continually monitoring during this period of increased load due to COVID-19 driven usage and thanks for your patience.