End of MS Stream Live-Events with Stream on SharePoint

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With the switch of Stream (classic) to Stream on SharePoint Microsoft will disable Stream Live-Events and integrate them into Teams Live-Events with the RTMP-In feature (Roadmap-ID: 84960 Microsoft 365-Roadmap – Microsoft 365-Update | Microsoft 365). 

When will Microsoft disable Stream Live-Events and when will the RTMP-In feature be integrated into Teams?

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@Broadcast345 - The RTMP ingest feature in Teams Live Events is in Preview right now. If you enable Team Preview features for a user they'll see a new option to produce a Teams Live Event with the new RTMP ingest that doesn't go through Stream (Classic). This is going to move out of preview and become generally available in the coming months. When that happens we'll give a six months notice before retiring Stream (Classic) Live Events. More info will coming out via Message Center as soon as this feature moves out of preview. 

@Marc Mroz - Thank you very much for the response. That helps a lot!