Embedding Stream in OneNote


Starting a thread to track any outstanding issues while embedding Stream in OneNote.

Would really appreciate this info:

  • which version of OneNote you are in - Windows app, desktop app, OneNote web app, iOS, etc.
  • what is the exact issue you are seeing


Thanks for all your help!


@Saili Raje - FYi

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I pasted a Stream link to a video in the OneNote Windows 10 app. The video plays and there are no problems with that. The issue I have is that it starts playing every time I open the page. This is not useful as you don't want several videos to start playing at once when you're in a classroom setting and students are browsing the content.

Another thing I noticed is that the videolink changes into a link called Microsoft Stream. With YouTube videos the link changes to the title of the video. I hope that can be changed for Stream links as well.

Hope that helps and keep up the good work!

I am running Onenote on the Mac.  Ver 16.16.3 Mac os 10.13.6


Embed code does not work, only direct URL.  Once the player is resolved I am asked to sign in, I click on the link which takes me to Stream, where I am already logged in, I then switch back to OneNote but the video does not play.Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 8.19.23 AM.png

This describes the same behaviour I have when trying to embed Stream videos in a Sharepoint page and display it in a Teams tab....you get stuck in an endless loop with it asking you to login ....finding you already are and it not playing. I contacted MS support about it and they said it was a known problem. I’ll look for the job and annotate to this reply.

Hi Annet, this should be fixed! Let me know if this is still occurring. 

thank you for the feedback! This is a known behavior in the OneNote team and we are hoping to have a better experience for Mac soon. 

@Saili Raje It's still occurring. Is there some kind of work around to fix it?

@KasperEjgaard Hi Kasper can you describe the issue you're seeing and the app/platform you're seeing it on?

I have attached screenshots from different platforms. In OneNote for Mac OS it´s a problem, but not in OneNote for Windows 10. Maybe it's actually a MS TEAMS problem. In both OS there's problems@Saili Raje 

@KasperEjgaard and when you click login and manually login, does that work?

Yes, that's correct. @Saili Raje 

@KasperEjgaard so the SSO of nested embedded items in OneNote/teams is not supported today. unfortunately the easiest way to work around it is to manually sign in - which should get you a valid session for quite a while. the SOO logic that was implemented in OneNote W10 app was not implemented in OneNote online (which is what teams embeds)