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I embedded a video on the home page of one of my SharePoint sites, but stream is asking for log-in to play it back. That doesn't make sense to me because it's the same login (both SharePoint and Stream are in my Office 365 tenant).


Am I misreading this, or is there a way to avoid this experience for my users please?


Thank you in advance for your help.



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@audrieg Thank you very much for your feedback.  This is a known scenario that we are actively working on to make better for users to auto-log in if they are a known user. The embed sign in flow will however still be required that the user have a Microsoft Stream account. What that means is, once we update the auto-login for embeddable players, the user will either see the video if they have a Microsoft Stream account (and have access to view), or be asked (as you see below) to sign up if they don't. 


Please let us know if this will satisfy your requirements.

Thank you for explaining this; I am a consultant helping businesses to leverage O365 services so this is something I need to mitigate as to customer expectations. They assume that anything they click on from the App Launcher is part of their Office 365 account (not a separate account), much like clicking on Delve, or Word. So I'll have to try and avoid a negative sentiment on this point. (Everyone wants to embed everything in SharePoint....) Anyway,


a few last questions:

1. I assume this is replacing the Video Channel app that was there before (which did not require a second authentication). Will the video's that people had in those channels already, automatically show up as channels in Stream?

2. Will we have a permissions model based on Azure AD?

3. Will we have to assign "Stream" licenses to all consumers of the videos? Or is this a separate offering all together?


Thank you for your help,


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@audrieg Here are some answers


1. Are you referring to Office Videos?  If so, this blog explains it well.

2. Stream permissions are based of of Azure AD

3. Currently Stream works based on authenticated access to keep your videos secure, thus anyone watching a video currently requires a Stream account, allowing permissions based playback.  In the future we are looking at the possibility to adding limited external public videos for embed code usage only, but portal access would still require a license. 

Thank you. I think I'm gonna hold off on this until the embed on SharePoint works better (which is my customers goal), but I'm excited to see where this goes! Office 365 services are amazing!

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@audrieg We've made some great enhancements to our embedded video page including better auto-login capabilities with other O365 products and integrations with other products such as Sway. Take a look and let us know what you think!


As a note, the user will still have to have a Microsoft Stream license to automatically login.

It's funny, I came to this forum thinking, "I bet someone else has posted about this." I'm a little disappointed that this doesn't seem to work with ADFS like my other Office 365 products.


Let's review why Stream is compelling for many organizations:


  1. It's a private, secured SaaS video service authenticated to my Azure AD tenant which means I can leverage existing systems such as ADFS, SSO, and on-prem users/groups
  2. It's a true CDN which is something even large enterprises can't build on their own
  3. It gives us the social aspects, video ingestion capabilities and user-friendliness of YouTube


Combine those three 'nuggets' and what do you get? You get many organizations like mine that likely want to leverage Stream's CDN/SSO capabilities to playback video by embedding videos into internal Sharepoint 2013/2016 sites. That's what I'm trying to do but like the OP, I'm getting login friction despite the fact that I've got ADFS 3.0 federating to O365.


In other words, can't you take the federated token my Domain's browsers are sending to stream through my Shareoint site? Do I perhaps need to adjust my ADFS federation to avoid the login prompt on the embed?

I should add: selecting 'autoplay' does allow me to avoid the embed login prompt on a Stream-hosted video embedded in my internal Sharepoint site. However, this won't work for me as I need to embed between 3-5 videos on a page, each in a web part. As you can imagine, loading a page with 4 embedded auto-play videos isn't a workable solution.


But it is progress and I thank you for the hard work. It's really cool to be able to consume video from a true CDN within the interface my users and organization is familiar with!

@Jeff_Wilson Thanks for your message and for trying Stream. We are continuously trying to make SSO for embed better for customers to have a better playback experience and integration with other products. I think the scenario you have identified more closely aligns with this post (Let me know if you agree).

The current post was an issue when we first opened up the Preview in Microsoft Stream where we did not have SSO between AAD resources, so we would always prompt for sign in unless you were signed into Stream directly.  We made some enhancements, and now we complete SSO based on any signed in AAD resource like O365 (as seen in the image), PowerBI, Sway, etc. 


From what I can describe as what you are seeing, once you sign into one AAD resource the first time, you will see SSO complete successfully on all embeds for the session. Seems like there is one more step required here to enable full SSO based on your scenario. If you are willing to, please direct message me your email and I will be happy to set up some time with you and discuss your scenario more in detail to see what is going on and how we can better handle your particular scenario based on your environment.



Has there been movement on this issue?

I'm in an O365 Tenant with an E3 license and experiencing the same issue as the OP.
I'm attempting to embed a video that is uploaded in Stream to a SharePoint page.
Once I am logged into O365 and launch Stream from the Application Launcher I am logged into Steam seemlessly and can see my profile as if I was on SharePoint or Delve...etc.


Once I copy the embed code and paste it into SharePoint I get this message:


Thank you,



I am also interested in whether there has been progress on this? O365 subscription, using the embed code within SharePoint online page is asking for the same as original poster (irrelevant of autoplay option). Being used for an internal site - users expect a seamless sign on experience.

I have the same issue as above, even after clicking sign in the page still sits at "to watch this video sign in."

Am i right in saying this issue hasn't been sorted out?

Doesn't look like it. We are completely stumped buy the in abbility to embed stream videos or a stream channel in Sharepoint or Teams.


In both cases the same symptoms:

  1. (already) signed in users prompted to sign in/register for streams to view video/channel
  2. After sign in (usually involving a pop-up which returns to the location with the embedded content), no change.
  3. User still sees sign in prompt
  4. Rinse and repeat

Looks like we'll be clunking along with O365 Video... :(


Hey @Chris Young@Tiger Boshomane @Celia Marlowe @Deleted @Audrie Gordon @Ryan Messer


Thanks for all your patience and feedback. I'm in the process of reaching out to each of you to get a better understanding of your scenarios and the problematic experiences. Many of you are potentially experiencing the second sign in prompt (in the embedded stream video) because your IT admin requires a higher level of authentication to access Microsoft Graph (which Stream makes calls to). Please keep an eye out for my direct message! 

I embedded a video from stream and created a test account. I went to Admin panel under users. I enabled that test account with stream access. The video didnt display the sign in window. However if you disable that user, that sign in window will display. I think everyone has to be licensed in order to view stream videos. It says we are on a trial version for 90 days. Is there a free version apart of Office 365 Business? We dont use the face features or translation anyway.
You are so enthusiastic Audrie! :) See you on Saturday. Greg


Video Hub ErrorVideo Hub Error

The sad part is that Videos stored in O365 Video no longer play so we cant even embed from here anymore :( 

@Tiger Boshomane - I will send you a private message and we can talk more about what issues you are seeing in O365 Video and/or Stream.

Hey Ryan, what browser is this occurring on?