Embedded videos give you Error code: 0x50000000 (login problem)

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We have built a PWA that is used by electricians to shows drawings and instruction videos from SharePoint and Stream. When the PWA is installed on the home screen on an iPhone and you press play, embedded videos give you Error code: 0x50000000.



The workaround is to have a link in the application that opens https://web.microsoftstream.com/. The user manually clicks the link, closes the window and then all embedded videos work. This is extremely annoying for the users and we need to come up with a better solution.



I think PWA’s run in some kind of sandbox on the iPhone. Whatever magic Microsoft Stream is doing, it is lost every time you close the PWA.


Here comes the strange part.

  • The PWA backend authentication is working fine. When the application start, the user is seamlessly signed into Azure AD and redirected back.
  • The PWA client is also successfully authenticated. We can get all the data we want from the Microsoft Graph (implicit flow, MSAL).  
  • All links to Office 365 sites work fine, the user is already logged in


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The recommended solution for this problem is to use domain_hint and noSignupCheck. In this scenario, it does not work.



Something is absolutely wrong with authentication in embedded Stream videos. Our users are signed into Azure AD on both the backend and client side. Identity tokens and access tokens are working, but we still can’t play videos.



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