Embedded Stream video fail to play on SharePoint Online modern page using IE 11


I just uploaded a video clip to Microsoft Streams and it plays fine in IE11. However, when i embed the same stream video on a SharePoint Online modern page , the video fails to play and says the video cannot be found. 


When I switch to Chrome, the embeded stream video play just fine. May I know if this is a known issue?

Embedded in classic page IE11Embedded in classic page IE11Embedded im classic page Chrome (Working)Embedded im classic page Chrome (Working)Embedded in modern page IE11Embedded in modern page IE11Embedded in modern page Chrome (working)Embedded in modern page Chrome (working)


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How are you embeding the video in your SPO classic pages? Adding @Marc Mroz

Hi, This is how I embed stream video in classic page:


1. Navigate to the home page of default team site

2. Click the edit button at top left corner

3. Click on the "Insert" Tab, then click "Embedded Code"

4. Navigate to my Stream channel, find the video I want to embed, click Share, then select Embed, and I can get the embed code like <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen ></iframe>

5. Copy and paste embed code to the "Embedded Code" dialog box, click "insert" button

6. Click save button at top left corner


Well, it sounds good to me so I think it's some kind of limitation with embedding stream videos in classic SPO sites
For me it says that there is a problem with any wmv file , ipad or pc. won't let me upload anything. and when i try to contact support, it says that the page no longer exists.

A few things to check

  • Could you please confirm you are logged into the same tenant in Stream and in SPO?
  • Are you using SP on-prem and do you have ADFS setup? We know there are some auth challenges with on-prem.

cc: @Amit Rajput

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You will need to add the in your trusted sites for it to work in IE.