Embed Stream video within Bot Framework.

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We have lot of video content on streams. We want to embed the stream videos within your bot reply. There is a Video card available within Bot Framework but the stream videos don't work there. YouTube works!
Is there a way this could be done?
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After doing some investigation, it seems like the Bot framework converts the Video card into the HTML video tag when rending within the web-chat channel and the MS Stream videos can only be embedded within iFrames !!
Does anyone have any work-arounds ?

You can't do this today on Stream sorry.


We have to do more work on Stream to open up more of the Stream API to both 1st and 3rd parties. Once we do so then a bot could be written to search stream, find a video, and then grab the iframe for it and include it on a card.

We have Stream APIs on the roadmap for the coming few quarters.

Are there any updates on this?

Sorry no new updates. But we are starting up the project for public Stream APIs. It would be good if you have any feedback on the kinds of things you are hoping to do with bot framework and/or APIs on top of Stream.