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When we will be able to edit videos in stream?

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Similar question, can I download the video to local?



At the moment it's not possible. There is a uservoice for this raised on the Tech Community


Tech Community


And one I have raised on the new Stream Uservoice




I would recommend that you vote for them to push them up the agenda. 




Download video to local here:


Hope this answers your questions!


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Trimming functionality should now be in your tenant. Tested on several tenants and there on all of them. Simply go to the stream portal, select the video (that you have permissions on), select the ellipsis and then trim. 




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@Christopher Hoard With Trim I understand you can cut the beginning and ending 'slides' but can we remove 'slides' from within the video to cut out some content?

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Hi @Victoria Semmel

AFAIK, at this time you can only trim the ends, not cut parts out of the video. See

That would neccesitate an alternative option: download the video, cut out and re-upload

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@Christopher HoardPlease is there a way I can undo Trimming a recorded Teams Video. I seem to have the wrong part after editing. i dont know how to retrieve the original video.


No way to undo unfortunately. Once it's trimmed it cannot be undone - it says this before you proceed to the trimming.

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@hafizmohammed1 same problem here.


it is totally counterintuitive that what you "cut" from a recording is what you are willing to save, trashing up the rest.


I wanted to cut the last five minutes of silence after the end of my lecture, those 5 minutes are what's left of the whole lecture.


Terrible user experience.

There is another post (more recent) about this feature.

I think Microsoft Stream is not being used widely in organizations because of the lack of many basic features available in other video platforms (youtube, vimeo...).

Please, vote up to speed up the development of this feature.