Duplicate a group or channel?

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I use Stream to create tutorial videos for my students.  Each semester as students ask for help, I create a video and add it to my "library".  The problem is, as far as I can tell, each semester I have to create a new channel/group and one by one add the videos from the prior semester to the new semester (this is at a university).


Why can't I just duplicate the existing collection of videos and assign it to the new class?  I can't even add my new students as a group or channel (sorry those terms are confusing and I never remember which is which).  The only way to add them is student by student individually.  I can't bulk add them!?

I tie everything into a Teams page for each class I teach - embedding Stream in a tab in Teams.  

I realize Teams is just a front end for Sharepoint, so I thought perhaps Stream was also part of Sharepoint as well & therefore it'd be easy to copy/move things around, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Sharepoint is itself a complete user interface disaster, so perhaps it's there but you have to have a computer science degree to figure it out.


Sorry for sounding frustrated, but it feels like there isn't a single person at Microsoft who looks at the products as a whole and tries to make them unified and simple for customers to use.


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Sorry for your pain with Stream classic, it's not as robust as we had hoped it would be.

Our go forward solution that is replacing stream classic is stream on SharePoint which is just a fancy way to say upload your videos into SharePoint or easier for you into the Files tab in Teams. This will still let you have good playback experience like classic, but all the file management of SharePoint, so you can copy/move the videos wherever you want.

If you don't want to hair point your students at a folder of videos you can build a simple page like this example and pin that SharePoint page to Teams instead of the Stream classic channel.