Dropdown list values in videos aren't being captured

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Just started using Stream and did my 1st video.  In reviewing it I noticed the dropdown's I was clicking on didnt display the values in those dropdowns so users won't see those options.


Are there settings to fix this?

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@robflemingWhat did you use to record your video? Can you share the exact Setup so I can rebuild it on my side. Did you use the integrated recording tool with recording a window or a screen? Try recording the screen, not only a window.

@Tomislav KarafilovI'm using the Stream platform, just started too.  There isn't much configuration to do except deciding which browser tab to record.


It's basically Create > Record Screen > choose your tab


While recording if I click on a dropdown on the screen, I see the values in that dropdown while I'm recording but those values don't display when I rewatch the recording.

@robflemingIn the recorded Chrome tab I had a SharePoint Online list with a drop down. Worked well. Did you record a Microsoft 365 tool/service or something else?

I know this is an old thread but I had this issue too still. If you try to capture just a browser tab or application, the dropdown values won't appear in the video. You have to instead screen capture the entire desktop. Once you start recording, if you only want to record a web page, just maximize that web browser/page to fill your desktop, and then recordings of dropdown values will capture.