Download highest quality of Stream video


I was wondering if anyone has seen this behavior before. When watching a Stream video (a recording of a meeting) in the browser, the quality is great and there is no lag between audio and video. However, when I try to download the video, the quality of the downloaded version appears to be worse than the browser version's quality. 


The only reason that this is especially frustrating is that Stream does not yet support external sharing of videos, so a video that we have made for some external partners must be downloaded and shared. The quality of the downloaded video does not look great and is not up to the quality that we would want to share with external users. 


To my understanding, videos in Stream are transcoded into several different quality formats, so is there any way to export the highest quality encoded version? 

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Hi @Bynum Hoekstra ! You can not choose the quality that you want to download. This is only done by the video players depending on the network bandwidth. Stream has 5 or 6 videos transcoded from the original video and you can only download the original one.

That’s what I thought too about the original version, but at least in this one instance, the quality of the downloaded version (of self-recorded Meet Now meeting of one) is lower than what I can see in Stream.

@Bynum Hoekstra Not nice! I have checked the resolution of a Teams meeting recording last Oktober and written a blog post:

For comparison I downloaded my last Teams meeting recording and a got a mp4 file with a resolution of 1920x1080 and a bit rate about 1121kBit/s.