Delay with transcript and issues with length of video uploaded

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Hope its okay to post about 2 issues in one conversation.


First, is anyone else experiencing delays with transcripts being generated?  We had a webinar on Friday. Uploaded video Monday and it still hadn't generated the transcript/subtitles for us to edit by end of yesterday.  We've uploaded it again and still no joy with original or the new upload. Does anyone have solutions they can recommend please?


The other issue is that I downloaded the video after the webinar, uploaded it to streams on Friday for it to generate the captions (was off on Monday) so a colleague looked at it and they had generated. THe only issue there was the video was cut off at 17 minutes (the length of the webinar was 34 mins).  We tried it again and it cut off at 4 minutes the next time. Feels very strange.


If anyone has any thoughts/advice, we'd really appreciate it.  Thank you.

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Hi @Antonia235 ! The longer duration than usual for generating the transcript is currently "normal" due to some adjustment Microsoft did because of the current situation. Not normal is the cut off of your videos. This sounds like a bug and should be reported to Microsoft.

Thank you for your reply. That's understandable re the transcripts but yes it does seem odd re the cutoff. I'll look at reporting that to Microsoft asap. Thanks again.