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I have a set of Office Mixes that have been converted to Stream videos. I have set the privacy to the most private that I could find which appears to be "Limited". Then WHY do my videos appear to show up on the trending list?  I ONLY want my students to have access to my content. I do not want my intellectual property anywhere that people who are not my students can have access. 


Can you please confirm that the uploads are 100% private, or can other people see and access my content?  If the videos are not truly private, I will be deleting and looking for another option. 

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This article goes over in more detail how permissions work in Stream.


How are the permissions for your video set in Stream? When you edit the video in Stream, what do you have set in the "Permissions" section?


If you uncheck "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" and only list the set of users or groups you want to be viewers of the video under "Shared with", then only those users or groups will be able to see the video.


Your video will show up in the trending parts of Stream and in search but ONLY for users who are allowed to view the video. All other users will not see your video since they don't have access. The search, trending, browse lists in Stream all security trimmed to only show videos a users is allowed to see.

Ok, thank you. I wish that we didn't have to see those other videos. It makes it appear that my videos are "trending", even though they are set with limited permissions (i.e., only people allowed to look at them, can see them). Personally, it feels like clutter and I don't like the look of it. Office Mix was a much cleaner look.