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Just starting to look at using Stream across our organisation (based in UK).  When we view a list of videos, each one has a published date in American date format .  Have gone through the admin settings but can't find anything obvious.  


Any ideas how I can change this? (Note: I've also set English (UK) in 'My settings'


Thanks. Dave 

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Hi @Dave Pyett 


Got it! Got it for me it was the EDGE browser




Mine was English (US) initially. I changed it to English, that didn't work but when I changed it to English (United Kingdom) the date format changed to how I needed it


Hope that answers your question!


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks Chris,


Spot on!  Once I installed the english (UK) language to EDGE, Stream now showing dates in UK format.


Thanks for that.  Dave :smile:

@Christopher Hoard  . liked it.

@Christopher Hoard This works for Chrome too, thank you so much!